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THE BANANA REPUBLIC OF MIAMI Miami banana republic survey a cool name indeed! This domain belongs to NetSide Corporation, a Florida ISP since 1995. What should we do with this web site? If you have any good ideas, want to buy the domain, or want to develop some second banana content for this domain, E-mail us. Only serious inquiries and appropriate business proposals please! Spammers will be traced and their ISP will be notified in each incident.

Banana republic
Wikipedia definition

Banana republic is a pejorative term for a small, often Latin American or Caribbean country that is politically unstable, dependent on limited agriculture, and ruled by a small, wealthy and corrupt clique put in power by the United States government in conjunction with the CIA and the US business lobby. The term was coined by O. Henry, an American humorist and short story writer, in reference to Honduras. "Republic" in his time was often a euphemism for a dictatorship, while "banana" implied an easy reliance on basic agriculture and backwardness in the development of modern industrial technology. Frequently the subject of mockery and humour, and usually presided over by a dictatorial military junta that exaggerates its own power and importance. "The epaulettes of a banana republic generalissimo" are proverbially of considerable size, usually portrayed in satire with a pair of mops.

Banana Republic - Adventures in Amnezia

Banana Republic is a weekly editorial cartoon series that explores the political and social culture of Amnesia, a mythical Third-World country that could not be more different from our own. Banana Republic appears weekly in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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